The plans are announced to be more exciting than the nightlife of the 2022 Winter Olympics

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At the end of 2021, a series of nighttime business areas and living areas will be planned throughout the Chinese capital. Deputy director of Beijing City Commercial Office Sun Yao said the project will be part of the new "Night Capital" consumer brand. Night canteens will be erected along large metro lines and convenience stores, bookstores and 24-hour cinemas in the capital's urban and rural districts will be expanded to promote the foundation. economic at night.

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Beijing 2022 unveils new technology to reduce Olympic footprints

The Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee in Beijing's winter 2022 will take this opportunity to show that environmentally friendly technology is expected to be organized. This announcement was made at the fourth visit and inspection of the International Olympic Committee Coordination Committee to Beijing's host city of 2022.

Ice-playing venues in the capital city of China will be equipped with a natural CO2 cooling system that minimizes Olympic and Paralympic winter carbon footprints in 2022. This cooling system does not work. to the environment, will be used for ice skating sports as well as ice hockey training centers. The deployment of this system will mark the first time technology is used in China and in the Olympics.

Chinese officials have stated that the introduction of this technology will lead to a reduction in carbon emissions equivalent to the annual footprint of nearly 3,900 cars. A similar carbon reduction can be achieved by planting 1.2 million trees.

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